Mar. 18th, 2017

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Our Kickstarter campaign ends early Wednesday morning. As of Saturday evening, we are $500-ish away from our goal. It’s doable, and still seems so far away.

We will be releasing two different CDs, one acoustic, one electric. There will be slightly different versions of a couple of the songs. A few got rewritten in the time between when we recorded the acoustic CD and when we recorded the electric. If we go over our goal we’ll be able to afford a bit more studio time and we will rerecord those songs as bonus tracks for the acoustic CD.

There are several different levels of sponsorship. You can get digital downloads. You can get CDs. If you order both you get a better deal. We will be your very own Carl Kasall and record a message for your voice mail. We will write your own Critter verse for you. We will write a song just for you.

All of the rhythm section tracks are done. Most of the vocals are done. We have fiddle and guitar overdubs, and a few things to fix from the first sessions still to do. We expect most of that to be done this weekend.

We’re so close.

Please help us out. Pledge if you can, and please spread the word.


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