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Get ready for the Cheshire Moon "We've been pounded by all kinds of extra bills" midwestern tour!

And, we booked all these before all this happened ... clever that.

We have gotten pounded with hospital and automotive bills the last month. If you have wanted to see us play, now is the time! We have lots of music for sale, including two new CDs. You can put money in our jar (virtual in the case of the Concert Window show). You can see us in our living room (live or virtual), in a church and in someone else's living room (both of those live). Oh, and the Chicago show ... we're bringing Susan! That doesn't happen every often.

And if you want CDs, they are available on our website, If you want downloads, they are available at

June 3 - Concert Window - 1pm Central

June 9 - 2nd Friday Coffeehouse Chicago - 7 PM
The Peoples Church of Chicago, 941 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago,

June 10 - House Concert at the Abzug Ampitheatre Champaign, IL - 7 Central Geekish Time
RSVP to Dnabzug at gmail dot com


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