May. 7th, 2017

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This is based on Girl Genius as it stands this weekend. Andronicus Valois, the Storm King, has returned after 200 years, but he is now mostly undead and mad. He's up against the Master of Paris, Agatha Heterodyne, and Martellus von Blitzengaard and their respective followers; any one of them is capable of taking on a small army. Even though Andronicus is the bad guy, it's possible to feel a little sorry for him.

The Storm King's Prayer
Lyrics: Gary McGath, Copyright 2017
Music: "A Sailor's Prayer" by Rob MacDonald

Though my arm is torn and severed and my weapons turned to slag,
Though my minions turn and hope to strike me down,
Though I meet vile sorcery, still the land belongs to me.
This is not the end I am meant to face.
   I will not lie me down, this mob a-raging.
   I will not lie me down, I'm King of Storm.
   And if these knights be unblessed, I shall not take my rest
   Until they die and are no more.
Though they stole away my bride, though the very stones rise up,
Though a young usurper tries to claim my sword,
I have risen from the night and will now reclaim my right,
Take this city back from wizards and traitors.
If my friends conspire against me and it seems my hopes are lost,
With my one bare hand my reign I will defend.
And if someone lays me low, let it be a worthy foe.
I will stand and fight until I meet destruction.


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