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Yesterday's filksing at my place drew a small but lively group, including newcomer Isaac. And I do mean newcomer, at five weeks of age! I locked Mokka away upstairs, since she can be hostile to visitors, and I especially didn't want to take chances with a baby. Mokka had food, water, and a litter box and didn't seem unhappy with the arrangement. Carl hung around the filksing, glad to see all these people who might give him food! At one point he kept his foot under the pedal of my keyboard for about 20 minutes. I think he was telling me not to play it so much and to give him more attention (and food). There was no lack of food, but it was the human variety.

At the business meeting we had a rather overdue discussion of guests for ConCertino and came up with a preferred slate. Invitations should be going out shortly.

The next filksing will be at Cornerstone Cohousing in Cambridge, Mass., on Saturday, May 13, so anyone who didn't come to this one because it was too far from Boston should find the next one easier to get to.
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